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I can certainly see the value in being amongst the first in my area to list in the directory - are there any other advantages to listing now rather than later?

By subscribing now and remaining a member, you are guaranteed to never have to be faced with fee increases. If you are subscribing at $10 per month at this time, and the fee was to increase to $15 or $20, for example, you will will continue only investing $10 per month for as long as you continue your membership. (If you are taking advantage of a special promotion, those terms will override this explanation)

I play and/or teach other instruments in addition to piano/keyboard; can I advertise these services on my web page?

Absolutely! We understand the tremendous value in well rounded musicians/teachers. This is respected and we encourage you to let people know! In addition, it is understandable that students of other instruments relate to a teacher who also specializes in piano as well for the purposes of communication of theory, etc. It makes perfect sense to list this information on your web page.

How much information can I list on my personal web page? A paragraph or two?

You can include as much information as you wish to let the public know what your services include. You may have a very specific way of introducing your specializations, and we have a particular appreciation for individuality.

Can I link to my own web site?

Yes, we encourage this! You can include any type of contact information that you feel suitable, including telephone numbers, email addresses, and web sites.

I am an organist. Can I list my services?

Yes, of course! Keyboard instruments of all types are welcome - piano, keyboard, organ, synthesizer, accordian, etc.

I am a piano tuner/technician. Can I list my services?

Yes! All piano specialist are invited to join our directory. Piano is what we're all about!

I am not a soloist. I play piano/keyboard as part of a group. Can I feature my group?

Absolutely! Please do so. People everywhere are looking for both soloist as well as group situations, including duos, trios, orchestras, etc. We want you in our directory!

What if I would like to change the information on my web page? Would you assist with this?

Yes, it is completely understood that information needs to be updated. This could include anything from contact information to commentary. We will cooperate with you 100% in updating your web page at no added cost to you whatsoever.

How many months do I need to sign up for to be a member?

You are never obligated to remain a member. One advantage to remaining a member is that you will not be subject to fee increases. If you decide to cancel your account, you will stop being billed as of the next billing cycle.

I am a pianist/teacher in a country other than the USA. Can I be a member?

Yes you can. We welcome you. We have a special section for other countries.

If I have a problem with submitting my information, what happens then?

We keep very close watch on advertising requests. If we do not see information coming through to us following your order, you will be contacted. In addition, you can always email us at support@pianistdirectory.com


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